About us

We create quality accessories.

"The sails are the muscles of the boat, you only have to see how they swell when they strain, but - and the same thing happens with muscles - if you do not use them regularly they weaken, grow flabby, and lose their nerve. And the seams are the nerves of the sails..."

— José Saramago


Our idea is Caccam – Recycled sail Design – A brand that is created with the intent to create a line of alternative quality accessories through the recycling of material from the nautical sector.

We finish our accessories with leather and splicing ropes, to make them unique. We source our materials from different sailmakers in Europe.

The materials we use (dacron, mylar, kevlar, spectra, nylon, polyester laminate) are in fact designed to withstand weathering but impress for textures, colors and appearance attractive, unusually for any occasion, light and durable, the sea as in town.

All our products are handmade and have already lived interesting lives. Whether they come from racing sailing boat, from a yacht in the Mediterranean, or from a loft by the Atlantic ocean, they will tell you their story, just listen.

The name of Camoz comes from the name of its founder, Camilla, whereas the “oz” stands for “ounce”, the weight unit used in the sailcloth industry.


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