Our story

The story: where the adventure began.

Our experience in creating hancrafted items results from training and working at different sailmakers lofts around Europe. Making sails is still a job for craftsmen, although today a high degree of technological knowledge is required.


In February 2010 the storm Xynthia raged on the Atlantic coast of France, particularly in the region of La Rochelle (Bordeaux).

The Incidences Sail Loft, during the night of the storm, was flooded with 1.30 mt. of water from the sea and mud. This caused severe damages to the equipment and the materials.

Most of the laminates and Dacron, ready for the making of new sails, soaked in salty water and mud long enough to look hopelessly damaged. We saw entire dumpsters filled with these materials, so we decided to start a little environmental operation.

We recovered some sailcloth that looked unusable, we cleaned it and washed it carefully until it looked as good as new. Some of the best cruising and racing materials were ready for a new life. Carbon and Kevlar used for international sailing competition became the foundation of our high quality products.