The Story

The Story:
where the adventure began.

Our experience in the creation of items made from recycled sails was born directly in the field, through work in a sailmaker's shop, a sector where craftsmanship and manual skills still hold sway.


In February 2010, storm Xynthia shook the centre of the French Atlantic coast, severely affecting the coastline of the Charente-Maritime region from La Rochelle to Bordeaux.

The Incidences sailloft based in La Rochelle on the night of the storm was invaded by 1.30m of sea water mixed with mud, and suffered extensive damage to equipment and materials.

Being on site for work reasons, we decide to salvage some of the textiles destined for pulping. A large part of the membranes and dacron destined for the manufacture of new sails is unusable after being submerged by the sludge. Seeing entire bins filled with these materials, we decided to engage in a small environmental protection operation.

Some of the fabrics that appeared unserviceable were recovered: cleaned, washed and dried, they regained their appearance. The best fabrics for the production of sails for the big ocean races - such as those for the Groupama and Banque Populaire maxi trimarans - acquire new shapes, becoming the strong points in our accessories production.