Our materials.

All the sailcloths come from recycled sails of sailboats and kitesurf, and remnants of textiles of different sailmakers lofts. More technical sailcloths as kevlar carbon fiber and laminates are combined with classical dacron.

As the result of our Upcycling project each item Camoz is unique.


Dacron is the most used and resistant sailcloth,usually white, it also exists in other colors.

Dacron Cream & Tanbark

special Dacron used for classic boats, it comes in cream or tanbark.


It’s the strong yellow fiber used in laminates.


With its soft touch feeling, it is a guarantee of a long-lasting and elegant cruising sail.


You can see it in laminated cloth, it is interesting for its see-through effect.

Carbon fiber

It’s the most appreciated fiber for racing sails, strong and dark.