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"Sails are the muscles of boats, you only have to see how they swell when they strain, but - and that's what happens to muscles - if you don't keep them in training on a regular basis, they give way, they soften, they lose tone. And the seams are like the tone of the sails..."

- José Saramago

    Our idea is Camoz - Recycled Sail Design - a brand that was born with the intention of creating a line of quality alternative accessories by upcycling material from the sailing industry.

We use sails and fabric cuts from different European sail factories. We handcraft accessories (bags, wallets, belts, etc.) devoted to maximum versatility.

The materials we use (dacron, kevlar, mylar, laminated polyester, spectra, nylon) are in fact designed to withstand the elements, but they amaze with their textures, colours and attractive appearance, unusually suitable for any occasion, light and resistant, at sea as well as in the city.

Our accessories all have a story to tell whether they come from regatta sails, from boats sailing in the Mediterranean, or from sailboats facing the Atlantic... they bring with them the flavour and experience of those places.

Camoz stands for the name of its creator Camilla associated with the abbreviation of the ounces (oz), which represent the weight of the fabric used to make the sails.

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https://www.theswitchers.eu/en/switchers/italian-accessories-give-new-wind-old-sails/ http://storiedichi.com/camoz_venezia/


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