Our sailcloth:

  The materials all come from the re-use of sails from sailboats, kitesurf and fabric scraps from the sailmakers we work with. The more technical fabrics, such as kevlar, carbon and the various laminates are combined with classic Dacron, which comes in different colours and weights.   Thanks to the action of Upcycling (transformation of a waste into a new object, by means of creativity) the materials of Camoz creations are constantly changing.


This is the most widespread and durable fibre in today's sails. It ranges from the classic white colour to dacrons in pastel shades used for vintage boats.

Dacron Cream & Tanbark

This is dyed dacron used in vintage sails and exists in beige and brick-coloured.


This is the yellow yarn found in membranes, which is very tenacious.


Soft to the touch and in sober colours, usually grey with black or yellow threads.


Ever-present in membranes, it can be found laminated with other materials, giving a glossy look and playing with transparence.


The true racing sail fibre, grey or black: it is the strongest and lightest material.